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Africanized Bees In Arizona

Africanized bees have been in Arizona since 1993. Since then they have spread through the state and can be found in every county in Arizona. Africanized bees are known for their aggressive behavior and can become very dangerous if they are not removed from locations that are close to people and pets.

People will often say that they know a colony on their property is not Africanized because they are not aggressive when they get close to the hive. The misconception is that Africanized bees will always display aggressive behavior. An Africanized colony may go weeks or months without being aggressive. The fact is Africanized bees can seem very calm and within seconds become very aggressive.

It is best to treat all colonies as if they may be Africanized just to be safe. We know from studies that the majority of feral colonies in the southern part of Arizona are in fact Africanized. You cannot look at a honey bee and conclude that it is Africanized. The only true way to determine if a bee is Africanized is through laboratory testing.


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