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We know how important bees are and the benefits we receive from pollination and all of the things bees produce; honey, wax, propolis, and royal jelly are just a few of the products that people have benefited from for thousands of years while beekeeping.

A Cornell University study estimated that managed honey bees in the U.S. contribute to over $14 billion in value by increased yields and superior quality for crop growers and consumers. Without honey bees yields would dramatically decrease on crops that depend on pollination service provided by beekeepers.

Because we know how important honey bees are we prefer to remove swarms alive when it is safe. Swarms that are easily contained, away from people and pets can be removed alive. If we are able to safely remove the bees they will be taken to an apiary where they will be introduced to a Langstroth. A Langstroth is the wooden box that contains the frames that the bees will draw their wax on. Before the bees are put into the Langstroth we will remove a frame of brood (young developing bees) and bees from an established colony in the apiary. We shake all of the bees off of the frame leaving them with their colony and put the frame of brood into the empty Langstroth that will house the new colony. By giving the new colony young developing bees to take care of we increase the chances of the swarm staying in the new home that we have provided. We will then put 2-3 frames of honey and additional empty frames into the Langstroth with the bees. When the bees start to settle between the frames the lid will be put on top. All colonies that are removed alive will be used to produce honey or for pollination purposes.

Due to safety concerns we are not able to remove all colonies alive because they are not easily contained or they are too close to people, pets and livestock. In situations that are unsafe the best option is extermination. The safety of our customers and their pets is our first priority.


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